How to get Letter of Acceptance from VU Amsterdam


LOA Unconditional from VU

Letter of Acceptance from VU Amsterdam

Hereby I want to share my experience getting Letter of Acceptance from VU Amsterdam(VU)  within only 4 days. Yes, you read it correctly that I finally got LOA in a very short time of waiting. How come? Probably you are wondering that. Don’t worry you can get that too because I will share my ultimate tips here.

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The taste of my hometown, Lamalera




Even though I was born and grown up in Bandung, but my parents always teach me anything about my hometown. Lamalera is a small village in the south of Lembata Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Not so many people know about this small village, especially if they are not from Flores. Lamalera becomes famous since the whale catching was captured on some of the media in Indonesia itself and abroad. Lamalera has a tradition to catch the whale in a very old-fashioned technique, using  bamboo stick with knife called Tempuling. Lamalera is a village on the rocks, that’s why vegetables can not grow here, so the people here surrender their lives into the sea. People believe that whale is blessing from their ancestors so they can survive. Continue Reading

Why it has to be VU Amsterdam



First thing you want to decide is where you want to go studying. In my opinion and I believe most of people would agree on this one, study abroad is a great opportunity to broaden your perspective. The lessons you will get in one place and the other place will be the same, but study abroad offers you tons of experience to be in touch with diversity. When I looked up at the VU Amsterdam website, I saw two valuable points, which are research university and living in diversity. If you have special concern like me, then you can start from there, or these numbers of thought that you can adapt: Continue Reading

My MSc in Economics Journey



I wanted to create this series on my blog that will tell you about every step in chasing MSc in Economics since last year, but I was still afraid that it wouldn’t happen. By this time I am writing my story, I can share that YES! I am going to study in the Netherlands this September 2016. I am now more confident to share my story with you and of course I am willing to help you if you need me. I really hope by sharing this experience, you can get some braveness to step forward into chasing your dreams especially when it comes to Study.

So yeah, let’s get started and feel free to contact me for further information.



Short Get Away: Karimun Jawa



This time i would like to tell you about my short trip to Karimun Jawa. Probably some of you have already been there, but for you you haven’t. Don’t worry, I will try to share my experience to enjoy the Karimun Jawa. It is located in the North of Central Java area in the Java sea. Karimun Jawa Islands have some small islands and one big island which is the main district. I went on a 3-days trip. For me it is not too much, yet it is enough to enjoy what the island offered. I booked a package for my trip from a travel agent.  It would be much cheaper if you arrange everything by yourself, but since it was a long weekend, everything was full booked. Continue Reading